min. 10 boxes per package

Get spoilt for choices with Classic Gift Packages OR simply have fun DIY-ing your preferred favours from our wide selection such as, butterscotch mint sweet, brownies, honey jar, Chocolate sunflower seeds and many more. Together with your personalised Thank you messages and our adorable card themes, the gift boxes will definitely impress and bring a Huge Smile to all!

Step 1 - Select One Card Theme & Design for your package

  • Brilliant Tiger

  • Cuddly Ox

  • Puppy Luv

  • Woodland

  • Jolly Chick

  • Barnyard Animals

  • Rocking Horse

  • Lamb Lullaby

Step 2 - Select your choice of gift box

Personalised box $2.50
Standard box $2.00

Step 3 - Select Your Choice of favours (min. 3-8 favours)

  • Set of 2 Red Eggs