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Partridge in the pear tree symbolises the devotion of a mother’s unconditional love and sacrifices towards their children. It is the moment people celebrate the birth of new life.

Partridge Pear started this journey with a love for our children.

With joy and passion, we welcomed many of our “little clients” with gifts of happiness from Our Team to their beloved relatives and friends. Specialised in Baby shower gift packages, birth announcement bashes, birthdays, corporate events, and all celebratory ocassions.

Popular Items

  • Brilliant Tiger

    Card Dimension: L10 x W7 (cm) A fearless & courageous little one bringing joy and fun to to the family!
  • Cuddly Ox

    Card Dimension: L10 x W7 (cm) Babies are the beginning of all things. Welcoming our newborns-Cuddly Ox babies!
  • Puppy Luv

    Card Dimension: L10 x W7 (cm) Puppy Luv… some things just fill your heart without trying
  • Woodland

    Card Dimension: L10 x W7 (cm) The woods are full of fun surprises, but none as sweet as this woodland scene on this baby full month or birthday party invitation. While Mr. Fox share your family’s exciting news with your loved ones, granny Owl is there to charm a hoot!
  • Jolly Chick

    Jolly Lolly! Let Jolly, our little chick introduce your precious one to the crowd! A baby chick breaking out of an egg shell represents new life and nature. In either a sweet lavender or skyblue tone, this theme is both heart-warming and uplifting to the atmosphere! Card Dimension: L10 x W7 (cm)
  • Barnyard Animals

    Card Dimension: L10 x W7 (cm) Calves are sweet and ponies are elegant, these barnyard animals are lively and fun on this moo-moo baby full month or birthday party! Expect flocks of friends to have lots of wild and woolly fun when you set your theme with this cute barnyard animal.
  • Rocking Horse

    Card Dimension: L10 x W7 (cm) “Rocking back and forth on his rocking horse, the little one giggles with so much cheer. Faster and faster! He asked for more His eyes gleam, on his rocking horse.” We wish such sweet memory of childhood for the lovely newborn baby.

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