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Barnyard Animal   Jolly Chick  
Jolly Lolly! Let Jolly, our little chick introduce your precious one to the crowd! A baby chick breaking out of an egg shell represents new life and nature. In either a sweet lavender or skyblue tone, this theme is both heart-warming and uplifting to the atmosphere!

You have selected your Theme. Next simply select the following below to complete your package:
  1) Gift Favours  
  2) Card Design  
  3) Gift Box  
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Barnyard Animal   Cupcake   Garden Bugs   Safari Jungle
Zoo Paradise   Woodland   Fairyland   More
1) Choice of Gift Favours
Simply select at least 3 favours to upgrade to a package at just $0.70 (Card + Standard Box) or $1.20 (Card + Personalised Box)!
*Tip: Each gift box fits 3-8 gift favours. Select 5-6 gift favours including bottle & jar to fill up box nicely with good weight.
  Red Eggs   Brownie   Lollipops   Roasted Almond Chocolate   Butterscotch Mint   Gingy Man Cookie   Earl Grey Tea   Chocolate Sunflower Seed   Fruit Gummy   Mixed Fruit & Nuts  
  Premium Honey   Macadamia Nuts   Colouring Activity Kit   Foam Craft Kit   Egg Surprises                      
  Set of 2 Red Eggs $2.20   Organic Goumet Tea Pack $1.90   Mixed Fruit & Nut Jar (Plus) $6.30  
  Set of 2 Brownie Cakes $2.20   Chocolate Sunflower Seed Bottle $2.80   100% Pure Honey Jar (Plus) $8.50  
  Organic Lollipop $1.00   Fruit Gummy Jar $2.60   Macadamia Nut Jar (Plus) $8.50  
  Roasted Almond Chocolate Pack $1.60   Mixed Fruit & Nut Jar $2.60   Colouring Activity kit $2.20  
  Chocolate Sunflower Seed Pack $1.70   100% Pure Honey Jar (Australian) $3.50   Foam Craft kit $2.20  
  Butterscotch Mint Pack $1.80   Macadamia Nut Jar $3.50   Egg Surprises (Assorted Figurine) $2.50  
  Butter Sultana Cookie Pack $1.90   Fruit Gummy Jar (Plus) $6.30   Egg Surprises (Cars) $2.90  
2) Choice of Card Designs
Choose from the Card designs below for your package.
Barnyard Animal Card
Barnyard Animals - Cow Card
Jolly Chick Skyblue Portrait Card
Jolly Chick Lavender Portrait Card
  Barnyard Animals - Pony Card   Barnyard Animal - Graphic Card  
Jolly Chick Skyblue Card
Jolly Chick Lavender Card
  Barnyard Animals - Pony Card   Barnyard Animal - Graphic Card  
Jolly Chick Skyblue Graphic Card
Jolly Chick Lavender Graphic Card
3) Partridge Pear Gift Box
Choose from Personalised box (front) or Standard Box (back) for your gift package.
Box dimension: 12 x 9 x 14 cm.
Partridge Pear Full Month Gift
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